Prayers To Die To Self

Wow, God is so faithful and so good, yesterday was a wonder as we as a family basked in the presence of God. We prayed, we fellowshipped and the longer we went on the more the desire for an authentic biblical Christianity rose and stirred within us.

We as a family have come to a place where we are simply not satisfied with Church as usual. We hunger and we are seeking for a full manifestation of God’s presence in our hearts and minds so that we are ready and prepared when He comes.

Today’s prayers are part of that preparation as we seek death to the self-life and every carnality in our lives that would separate us from the glory, power and communion with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Lord truly, who is like you? ❤️

Much love in Christ,
Your Sister,

Ruth ❤️
Pursuing Holiness TV

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