House of Bread

Welcome to the House of Bread, Torrebruna, Abruzzo, Italy

A Rural Sanctuary for Spiritual Retreat and Formation

Embrace the Quiet. Discover a Deeper Intimacy with God.

About Us

In the heart of Torrebruna, a charming village in Abruzzo, lies the House of Bread – a sanctuary amidst Italy’s tranquil countryside. Currently undergoing a transformation, this space is being lovingly crafted into a retreat for spiritual formation, encountering the presence of God and deep contemplation. Situated just 30 minutes from the picturesque Adriatic coast, the House of Bread offers an ideal blend of rural serenity and scenic beauty.

Our Vision

The House of Bread is more than a retreat; it’s a journey back to one’s authentic self and God. Here, in the stillness of the Italian countryside, you’re invited to slow down, reflect, and engage with spiritual practices that foster inner peace and growth. We’re creating a nurturing environment for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey with God in the midst of nature’s calm.

Renovation Journey

We’re meticulously transforming the House of Bread, infusing it with a tranquil atmosphere ideal for reflection and spiritual growth. Follow our progress as we transform this space, sharing the story through photos and videos. Witness the metamorphosis of a simple rural house into a sanctuary of peace and spirituality.

Spiritual Retreats and Direction

Beginning in the summer of 2025, we will offer a range of retreats and spiritual direction programs. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape to reflect and meditate or looking for guided spiritual formation, our retreats are designed to cater to your spiritual needs in the embrace of Torrebruna’s idyllic setting.

A Community in Quietude

Join us in creating a community that values stillness, spiritual exploration, and the richness of rural life. Stay updated on our renovation, discover our upcoming retreats, and connect with others who share your journey towards spiritual fulfilment.

Stay Connected

We’re excited to welcome you to this journey. For inquiries or to express your interest in our retreats, reach out to Will or Ruth at peace@houseofbread.retreat Follow our story on social media for the latest updates and insights into our peaceful retreat.

Discover Peace in Torrebruna

Nestled amidst the rural charm of Torrebruna and a stone’s throw from the Adriatic coast, the House of Bread awaits. It’s not just a retreat; it’s a haven where the soul can breathe, become one with God, grow, and find peace.

The House of Bread, Torrebruna, Abruzzo, Italy - Your Rural Sanctuary for Spiritual Renewal