God Has Been So Good, So Good.

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Amy my PP, 💃🏽 God bless you real good!!! Real Good for your encouragement, support and push for us to be here by Gods Grace. Bless you, Isaac and Joshua, for your ongoing prayers and HALO 😇 for your ongoing love and accountability for such a time as this, for stand ready and equipped for battle. 😇🤺🤺

I thank God for all the prayers on Whatsapp and ZOOM and for the hunger and thirst for righteousness in our midst. I thank God for over 22,000 followers desiring to pursue holiness. I’m even more thankful for the trials and falls that refine us on the way.

God knows we are stronger together, and I’m so looking forward to this season.

To further information of how to join our 24/7 Pursuing Holiness WhatsApp Prayer Room or our Midnight Prayers on ZOOM, contact Sister Amy by joining the WhatsApp waiting room link below.

So very excited!!!

Much Love in Christ,

Ruth 😇❤️🙏🏽🔥
Still Pursuing Holiness

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