Stronger Together


Stronger Together is our motto and our heart ❤️. Even though we are a virtual community we are very much one in spirit and in truth.

I love praying with community it gives me a sense of place with the breath and heartbeat of God at the centre. Praying in fellowship has been a blessing and a place of continual renewal and strength on those bad days and good ones. The Zoom family has also been a blessing as we develop our spirit man as we pray in the Spirit for hours. It’s been a place where our spirit man is ignited with the Grace and presence of God.

Why not join us and grow in the things of the spirit and invest in your spirit man as you engage with the Holy Spirit to do what only He can do.

Lord truly, who is like you? ❤️

Much love in Christ,

Your Sister,

Ruth ❤️
Pursuing Holiness

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