Now That’s Love God

I remember going through a season when I really struggled to see an image of a loving God and father. My vision of God was distorted by the lenses of my past brokenness and pain. Instead of seeing a loving father who wanted to get close to me, I saw a God who had many tasks for me to accomplish. Having a wrong view of God ultimately limits how we receive God’s love and how we build a relationship with God.

So often, we see God in the mirror of our past relationships. But God is not man. He is a loving God. Not a God who doesn’t know what it is to feel pain, but a God who grieves and yearns to be with you and for you to dwell with Him. I mean, how many people would genuinely die for you? Well, He did. Now that’s Love.

How do you view God?

Lord, we pray that we see you in the right light, not in a dysfunctional vision of broken relationships. Open our hearts and minds so we can encounter your love and then have the Grace to respond in love. In Jesus’ Name, we pray.

Much love in Christ,

Your Sister,

Ruth ❤️
Pursuing Holiness TV

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