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While some people think that leadership is something you’re born with, the truth is that a lot of the skills can be learned over time if you have the right resources and support at your disposal.

This is where leadership coaching can be so beneficial. Having someone to work with you on your leadership journey is invaluable for so many reasons:

• It can help you learn new tactics and strategies to be more effective.
• It provides accountability that helps support your goals and objectives.
• You’ll gain an external objective perspective that can help to identify your own blind spots.
• You can call on someone when you are dealing with challenges, that can give you the advice that you need to get through.
• And many more…

So, working with a Christian leadership coach who has the same context and worldview as you is essential – because our personal convictions impacts every decision that we make. Christians in leadership calls for your work in this world to align with what God wants for our lives and work, which is often in contradiction to societal norms.

Engaging with God-first leadership coaching can be the support structure that you need to manage the demands on you from a leadership perspective, while still protecting your relationship with God over the long term. It’s something that can truly change the way you work – while holding true to the values that Christians seek to uphold.

Spiritually formed leadership is when our hearts as leaders remain connected to the life flow of God, allowing us to lead authentically as we transform communities from the overflow of Gods presence in our lives. My purpose is the support leaders and people of influence to be able to not sacrifice intimacy with God for outward growth and success. But how to accelerate growth and transformation by supporting leaders in cultivating Intimacy with God while leading change and implementing strategy.

But you don’t just want any leadership coach. As a Christian, you face entirely different challenges whether you’re leading in the community or in a business context. You’re holding yourself to biblical standards and hoping to instil the Christian ethos into everything that you do.

God First Leadership Coaching

As a spiritual director, pastoral supervisor and coach, I’d love to journey with you.

Choosing a Pastoral Supervisor is very deep and personal, so I'd be happy to talk with you over the phone/zoom/WhatsApp so I can answer any questions you have. If we decide to work together, we will then set up your first appointment.

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