Oh, that God would show us the emptiness and vanity of this present world! We still have eternity to come face-to-face with God’s judgment—judgment that will bring into account every secret thing we have done. How can we be so deceived, so lost, and so focused on our short time here on earth? My desire is for us to live this life in a way that we invest in eternity. In Pursuit, author Ruth Conlon urges her readers to pursue a passionate and active relationship with God. The book will draw believers into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. Ruth sheds biblical light on topics such as obedience, prayer, and legalism that will spur readers to run after God in a fervent and determined way. Pursuit will inspire readers to dig deep into God’s Word and fervently pursue Him in prayer and fasting. In Pursuit students of the Bible will have the tools to develop the kind of relationship that will enable them to keep their lamps filled with oil so they will be ready when the bridegroom comes again. Anyone who longs for a profound relationship with Jesus will be well equipped to do so after reading Pursuit.